Why Choose Us


Helping you find to your next home or investment property is the mainstay of our business. As homeowners ourselves we realize that this is one of the biggest decisions a household will make and understand this process doesn’t happen overnight. However, with extensive personal experience buying homes and responsibility for managing 100’s of other properties, we separate ourselves from other brokerage firms because we accurately recognize the risks and opportunities of each property, and use this information to help you make the most educated decision. Please feel free to contact us today and let us know how we can help you in this exciting and important time.


Selling a home often comes with a mix of different emotions but at St. Clair Properties we’re committed to making this process as easy as possible for you, the homeowner. As experienced home buyers and sellers we understand firsthand the difference a proper listing can make in a buyers perception of a house. We are committed to making your home stand out among the rest. Complimentary staging, professional photography and virtual tour’s provide the foundation for a successful listing and our strong relationships and excellent reputation with other brokers ensure we find the perfect match for your home. Let us show you today how we can make listing and selling your home

University of Oregon Investment Homes

Situated just 7 blocks from campus, we pride ourselves on being University of Oregon property experts. We have 10 years experience coaching investors and home buyers alike near the UO and know the in’s and out’s of this niche market. Campus Connection, our in house property manage company, also gives us relevant, on the ground insight into what the market is doing and where it is going. With over 10 properties personally owned within 6 blocks of campus, we stand behind what we say and let our track record speak for itself.


St Clair Properties has invested and helped clients invest in residential and mixed use real estate in Eugene/ Springfield since 2004 and our success speaks for itself. With ownership of over a dozen investment properties and management responsibilities over 100’s more, St. Clair Properties and it’s affiliate company Campus Connection Property Management have proven their ability to identify strong investment opportunities and repeatedly lead investors and partners to do the same. For further inquires/ a more detailed summary of investment opportunities please email us for an informational meeting and/or our prospectus.