St Clair Properties has invested and helped clients invest in residential and mixed use real estate in Eugene/ Springfield since 2004 and our success speaks for itself. With ownership of over a dozen investment properties and management responsibilities over 100’s more, St. Clair Properties and it’s affiliate company Campus Connection Property Management have proven their ability to identify strong investment opportunities and repeatedly lead investors and partners to do the same. For further inquires/ a more detailed summary of investment opportunities please email us for an informational meeting and/or our prospectus.


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“If you are looking for a realtor that is willing to think outside the box and present to you more options than just, do you like it, buy it. Someone that will take the time to educate you on the buying and selling process and what that involves. Someone who can teach you how to make better decisions concerning your real estate portfolio. Jim St. Clair may be just the realtor for you.”

610 W 25th Ave, Eugene, OR 97405

Elizabeth May 10, 2016

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“Jim has a knack for finding strong investments and makes under-promising and over-delivering a habit. Throughout my experiences with working with Jim he was always proactive in finding properties, conservative and honest with his evaluations, and very proficient at what he does. This was not the first property I’ve bought with Jim and I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

1461 Hilyard, Eugene, OR 97401

Justin May 10, 2016

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“As a property owner I am very happy with the service that Charlie and Jim provided to us and to our tenants. Communication is excellent and they treat tenants well. It is a compeititive environment and treating customers well is a key aspect of a successfull plan. They have to treat the property owners AND the tenants (usually students) with respect and they do. We have had a property issues but they are addreess quickly and to the satisfaction of both parties. I would highly reccomend them.”

1928 Agate St., Eugene, Oregon, 97223

Andy May 10, 2016